YaNanny is a comprehensive software and organizational product that, in addition to automating everyday processes and tasks, is designed to work out clear, reliable and optimization algorithms for actions in the process of hiring and interacting parents of children with nannies! Modern technological solutions, experience of professionals in the subject area of ​​childcare, the involvement of specialists in the field of law, child psychology, nutrition and other related fields will allow the project to harmoniously complement existing technical and communication tools, as well as integrate this type of activity with government agencies, as in the plan technical integration (Integrated Electronic Identification System - id.gov.ua), and in terms of more convenient and transparent taxation, medical surveillance Judgment, statistics collection, legal protection

YaNanny is an innovative project on the necessary and extremely necessary toolkit for such a vulnerable and important area as caring for minors. This project integrates the modern achievements of the IT sphere in Ukraine, and seamlessly complements the already existing databases and tools for managing and processing information, and is based on a secure and proven infrastructure.

A transparent approach to the formation of data structures, microservice principles, mathematical and logical system perfection, the involvement of specialized specialists in the subject area starting from the zero phase of the system development will create not only a perfect example of client-server software across Ukraine, but also make world-class software, which has the potential to scale and create not only local companies, but also successfully integrates into the global IT infrastructure, and its organization will become eskoy and useful part!